The Process

Working with a copywriter can often be a tricky balance. You know what you want, but struggle to articulate this into words. Meanwhile we are word obsessed, but need to determine precisely what you want. And this is the most challenging part of my job – making sure my words are an accurate reflection of your ethics, values and brand.

To help ensure this process is as seamless as possible, I have created a refined and nuanced approach that I have cleverly called “my approach.” My method is collaborative, I work with my clients to create quality content, and will always encourage you to be as involved as possible.

“My approach” is split into five distinct stages:



Our initial meeting:

This is where I ask targeted  questions to make sure I have a deep and thorough understanding of your business. I work to identify your USPs, ethics and target audience to make sure my content works for your business.



Content proposal:

This is a beautiful document which details all I learnt during our meeting, it outlines tone of voice, style and language to make sure we are both on the same page.



Benchmarking document:

This is the first draft I send you. To be frank, it is the earliest stages of the process and will rely on your feedback. Using that fantastic tool we call tracked changes you can create a cacophony of colours – red, blues and greens to let me know what works and what needs changing.



First draft:

This is my response and will start to come close to the finished article.



Final draft:

It should take around a month to get to the final stage, after which you will be the proud owner of a bloody marvellous piece of content marketing.