Agency work

With age comes experience…

Having been freelance for a fair amount of time….I have worked with a number of agencies (well don’t I feel old…) the good, the bad and the ugly. And anyone who has worked in the creative sector will know precisely what I mean. Because when agencies are good they are ruddy brilliant and when they are bad, well frankly they are pants. So I don’t work with every agency that comes along my way, instead I choose those who are precise, careful and understanding.

Some ruddy wonderful relationships…

This has allowed me to build some truly wonderful relationships with account managers and heads of local, small design agencies who know that they can rely on me to be proactive, diligent and responsive. Working in much the same way as I treat any client, I can bend to quick turnarounds, will reply on the day and generally do whatever I can to help create some whizzing and sparkling content that matches the client brief and enhances a project.

The part you really care about…the prices

I also try to keep it pretty simple; I charge agencies a straightforward £500 a day, giving you plenty of reason to upsell (my way of saying thank you for bringing me on board) and keep overheads low by working from my own offices in good ol’ Finchley. That being said, if you are London or M25 based I am more than happy to pop in for a coffee and discuss a brief, or to offer my professional opinion as a writer. Hopefully, this helps me achieve my aim of adding value to any project, and of helping to ensure you receive cracking content with a smile.