Content Marketing Workshops

Absolutely free

These are absolutely free. Yes….you read that correctly, completely and utterly free. And more than that; they are not aimed to be sales-y at all. Instead I offer them to workspaces, networking groups and to be quite frank, any group of business owners who care to listen. Packed full of interesting and engaging content; I attack the myths and confusion surrounding all things content marketing. Starting with creating a Tone of Voice; I take a look at those who managed to create some ferociously outstanding content as well as those who didn’t quite manage to use content quite as successfully. From these case studies we can then examine how to use content to create a powerful and impressive tone of voice that incorporates your USPs and targets your core demographic. Next on the agenda is blogging, where I will give honest and straightforward advice on how and why you should blog, and what success actually looks like.

No seriously…

Finally, I leave plenty of space for questioning; because frankly listening to myself drone on for an extended period of time is exhausting for me, and not overly interesting for my audience. Instead, I aim to get you involved in the conversation; which is particularly imperative for my early morning talks when most members of the audience are still waiting for the first few drops of caffeine to enter their blood stream.

No cost at all…

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Me speaking at RBS in Bishopsgate
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Me looking all professional using a white board at Natwest…


And at the very end, and only then, will I leave my details up on the white board – my final call to action and the only part of my talk that is remotely close to sales. Frankly, I’m happy with a brew, a biscuit and an opportunity to bring out my ever trusty roller banner.  So there you have it…my whizz bang tour of my extra special content marketing workshops. If you are tempted by my offer or want some further information, feel free to speak to my secretary (who sounds an awful lot like me) on 0208 629 6465 or drop me an email on