Event content collateral


The service explained….


I have to be honest, this isn’t one of my most popular services, mainly because it isn’t in particularly high demand. However, I must admit to loving this sort of work and not just because I get a free lunch, and occasionally, a trip abroad (well…Dublin, but still).

What I Do

Essentially, event collateral sees me:

  • Employed to attend an event
  • Make notes based on the talks being given, questions asked and general ambience.
  • Write a lovely e-book or brochure after the event

In order to do this I not only write frantic notes on the day, whilst discretely tucked away in the corner, but also interview attendees. Often the first to arrive and last to leave, I not only make sure I am in tip-top form on the day, but also do some serious research in the lead up to the event. Gaining an understanding on your chosen agenda, becoming intimately acquainted with your timetable as well as researching the speakers, even before the day itself I make sure I am prepped and primed with additional knowledge.

The final product….ta da

And then, on extremely tight deadlines. I write up this lovely curated content into stylish e-books or brochures to be distributed to attendees as well as prospective guests who may well be interested in the future. Having achieved fantastic results for finance and technology companies amongst others, I would love to learn some more about anything you can throw at me.