Tone of Voice Guidelines

What on earth is this?

Now this service is by no means for every business owner….however for those slightly larger companies who may be struggling to identify their target audience, this sort of project can be ruddy helpful. Essentially, these guidelines act as a prop for all your marketing collateral; dictating the way in which you carefully harmonise style, tone and language to accurately target your audience and carve out a space for yourself in the market.

The branding workshop…

The first part of this service includes a branding workshop; where we work to identify your USPs, target demographic, core values, objectives, current challenges amongst a whole host of other variables that can, and should, impact upon the way you use content. Whilst this may sounds a little daunting, to be perfectly honest, it’s really just a lovely chin wang over a brew and some biscuits, but that really allows us to get to grips with your business and brand identity. I essentially work as a facilitator, working to prod and probe and bring out all that juicy information that is lying deep inside you.

A dash of my own expert insight…

Once I have got all that information, I then go away and do some serious writing, research and thinking. This allows me to come up with the all-important document that details your brand personality and signature tone of voice. Once approved at your end, this can be circulated to your staff and means that in every form of communication, you can be sure of consistency of clarity. Make sense? If not….or if you just fancy a little bit of procrastination feel free to take a look at some lovingly prepared examples below.

Et voila…

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My meeting with the jaw-droppingly moving Rainmaker Foundation
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My work with the absolutely inspirational Imperial Memory Trust at the NHS

Rainmaker Foundation
Imperial Memory Unit