Case Studies

They may not be sexy…

Case studies are hardly anyone’s pleasure reading, but they can still be mighty compelling. Yet, more often than not, clients simply don’t have the time or energy to write their own. This can cause something of a delay in the process of writing their websites. Of course, case studies can be so much more than website content. They can also be utilised as Google reviews (helping to improve your search ranking), as well as on LinkedIn (which improves your page SEO, allowing you to build your credibility).

…But they sure are simple…

So, to help save my clients from pulling their hair out, I offer a case study service. Charged at either a £300.00 for four, or £500.00 for six, I will arrange a date, and then call your clients to seamlessly run through my prepared questionnaire..

…And effective.

From there I will then write up these case studies; allowing you to use them as marketing collateral without having to tear out your hair chasing up clients. A simple service that still manages to pack something of a punch.