Blogging Package



The problem with blogging is that it’s about so much more than just content, but it also means using those captivating and engaging blogs as serious pieces of lead generation. You want to see that content have an actual impact and help you get higher user engagement and more traffic to your website. So I have created a package that does it all for you:
It will include:

Image sourcing – It can be worryingly easy to get caught out on this one….I will make sure all your images are not only lovingly chosen but absolutely legal

Meta Tags – the snippet of text that is used for the page description and is extremely important for SEO

Alt Tags – Another helpful addition for SEO

Uploading the post onto your website – This will be done at the same time every month – guaranteeing consistency, which is exceptionally important for any marketing Sharing your blog across LinkedIn &

Facebook – Social Media can be a powerful way of harnessing social media…let’s make sure we use it right folks

Google Analytics analysis – Monitoring the content to make sure it’s actually working on your website

Social media analysis – Taking a look at your social media channels and seeing if the content is actually working

Title Generation – Sizzling and steaming titles that are sure to grab your readers’ attention

In-depth research – The facts that back up your content; building credibility

Interviews to discuss topics – This is an incredibly important part of the process; getting you involved so the blogs aren’t generic, but rather interesting, engaging and thought provoking

Outbound links to high ranking sites – a simple move that can help with SEO



A 15-minute phone call at the end of the month to review progress – helping us to make sure these blogs are working and to make any improvements to make sure your blogging is doing its job

And now for the important part….the price