Nov 10, By Helena

What is a Tone of Voice?

It has been a shamefully long time since my last blog, because it’s been pretty busy at HB HQ. Beyond writing content for my lovely clients, I also had the pleasure of exhibiting at the YBC exposition on Friday, which was a really fantastic opportunity for me to get my schmooze on and force-feed individuals […]

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Apr 04, By Helena

Everyday sexism in business networking

Everyday sexism in business networking Now, there are plenty of articles written on sexism in the workplace and frankly, given that I haven’t been in full time employment for around 2 years, I probably wouldn’t be best suited to write such an article. However, I neither question the existence of the glass ceiling nor the […]

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Feb 07, By Helena

Aspirational or Inspirational marketing?

As an eager University student I remember being told that you should always outline your argument at the beginning of an essay before going on to prove why your hypothesis is correct. For the purpose of this article I am going to do the former, although avoid the latter. Because, my hypothesis is honestly that […]

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