Feb 18, By Helena

It’s a man’s world, are we just living it?

Picture the scene. The year is 2010 and I am an overenthusiastic fresher, still identifying as a full-time nerd with ambitions of joining every academic club at Durham. A University I attended after I had been rejected from Oxford. Obviously. So there I was at the auditions (or whatever the technical term for this is) […]

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Apr 19, By Helena

Everything a marketer needs to know about Generation K

I like thinking about the future. From my articles on the future of branding to the future of content (casual plug there), I try to make sure I am clued into what is happening next. “But, Why?” I hear you ask, my astute reader….. Well, because in this fast-paced society of ours, the only way to prevent yourself from […]

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