Mar 10, By Helena

The Lost Art of Simplicity

I recently went to a fantastic evening organised by Elle magazine, and during it one of the speakers, literary agent Abigail Bergstrom, stated clearly that she believed non-fiction writing was moving clearly in one direction – propelled by a confusing, post-Brexit and Trumpgate – and amidst a swirling inferno of technology that may or may […]

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Feb 07, By Helena

Aspirational or Inspirational marketing?

As an eager University student I remember being told that you should always outline your argument at the beginning of an essay before going on to prove why your hypothesis is correct. For the purpose of this article I am going to do the former, although avoid the latter. Because, my hypothesis is honestly that […]

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Jan 16, By Helena

What is personalised content?

This blog is by no means the first time I have discussed the future of content, which given my teenage obsession with dystopian fantasies is hardly surprising – the future is a worrying/exciting/exhilarating/breath-taking/angst-inducing concept. However, it will be the first time I admit with complete certainty that whilst there is no doubt that personalised content […]

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Dec 19, By Helena

The Future of Branding

Writing a fair few “goodbye 2016, welcome 2017” blogs for some of my fantastic clients this month has put me in a reflective mood. And whilst all this looking backwards and forwards is giving me some serious vertigo, it has got me thinking about what the future has in store. Now, I recently did a […]

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