Definitive evidence on why any blog starting “Five top tips on…” is bound to fail, no seriously…

The problem is, of course, there is far far too much content online. I mean it, every Tom, Dick and Harriet with a laptop and pulse can write a blog. And they are….in their droves – business owners and marketing managers are writing blogs in the belief that showing up to the party is enough. That in writing content they are ticking the SEO box and marketing box…. guys I hate to break it to you, but it is not enough.


And I am not just saying this a copywriter, but as a business owner who is constantly working to refine and reshape my own marketing efforts. Now, I like to think that all my blogs are helpful, funny and well-written, at the risk of sounding a little cocky…I feel fairly confident in this. However, there is a discrepancy in the success of my blogs that has really hit home recently. See…I was so busy focusing on the long-form content….the sizzling and sparkling content that I forgot about the ruddy title. Turns out…this is a pretty big problem.


Take for example my most recent blog, this was an intimate and vulnerable portrayal of life as a freelance writer; which is super duper clear in the title, “the total unadulterated truth about freelance life – warts and all,” and boy did people respond. Alongside the 1,008 views I also received 3 reshares, 107 likes, 36 comments, a fair few helpful backlinks as well as a number of individuals private messaging me about the trials and tribulations of being a freelance writer. More than that…. the number of people who viewed my LinkedIn page went up by 13% whilst the number of visitors to my site went up by 50% and those who were coming were spending 83% longer on my site with my bounce rate going down by 8.9%. And at no point did I offer any advice, tips or thoughts on writing itself…powerful stuff, no?


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Now let’s take another example of a blog I released back in December 2016, “why McDonalds is the greatest branding secret never told,” which received a respectable 721 views. Again its success is in the title (or possibly no one actually does any work in December). Firstly, it’s a brand name that everyone knows and recognises (even a formerly Orthodox Jew like me who has certainly never had a cheeky or sneaky Fillet o Fish or once a chicken salad when she was travelling through Guatemala and desperate for something bordering on healthy.) And then I used the word secret…which is enough to get the juices flowing of anyone really. Which is why this blog, which is no more or less interesting, than any of my other pieces did so fantastically well.


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Finally let’s anaylse a blog that didn’t do well at all – “the lost art of simplicity in content marketing” which I thought was ruddy marvelous. However, whilst it was a helpful blog all about why using less content is more and simple words better….but it lacked va va voom, it didn’t quite have that sex appeal of the others.


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An important lesson must, and should, be learnt here. Namely…that your content needs to be formed around topics that people actually care about. Now I appreciate I’m lucky, by virtue of writing I am showing off my skill set. Handily, this means I could write about anything half related to my business and still be advertising. However, even so I can tell you right here and right now that writing a blog entitled “Five top tips to better decorate your bedroom” is going to get you very little attraction – it doesn’t draw the reader in, it in no way makes them care.

So if you are going to blog make sure you do it properly and get those titles right!

Of course, if this is something you feel you are struggling with I have created a handy blogging package that does it all for you – take a look at the explanation here.

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