Nov 29, By Helena

What does Gutenberg actually mean?

Before I start this article I feel inclined to add that I am not a tech-y. Not by a long shot. However, by nature of my job I have had to get on board. And, in truth, I have enjoyed much of my learnings about the intricacies of SEO and the technical nature behind WordPress. […]

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Oct 30, By Helena

Unexpected costs of being a freelance copywriter

So you’ve ruddy done it, you’ve set up your own freelance copywriting business, for which I congratulate you. This is the hard part. Taking the leap, making the jump and any other metaphors you wish to apply in this specific case. However, whilst you may think making the decision to leave behind your cosy, secure […]

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Oct 22, By Helena

My strangest copywriting jobs to date

As a freelance copywriter I am approached by business owners from all walks of life looking for me to provide them with a tone of voice and a way of communicating with their target audience. However, sometimes I write content that is so niche and so obscure, I do sometimes wonder what on earth I […]

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Oct 14, By Helena

How to treat your guest speakers with respect

As a prolific networker, and the owner of my very own banner stand, I am partial to a talk here and there. Occasionally, I approach people and sometimes (happily) individuals come to me. Which is lovely. However, the more I speak at various events around London, and Israel, the more I am learning that not […]

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Oct 09, By Helena

Five most salacious, shocking occurrences at networking events

So I attend a lot of networking events, and obviously whilst they all have perfectly admirable ethoses of making friends, building contacts, peer to peer learning etc, let’s be honest we all attend these events to get more clients. That being said, whilst I don’t always relish the idea of waking up at silly o […]

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May 28, By Helena

My first ever expo

So I attended my first ever expo a few weeks ago with the explicit intention of building brand awareness in my community. Now….whilst I hardly lack confidence and, quite frankly, have no problem with self-promotion, the idea of heading to an expo (which I hadn’t paid for) to pitch at people (who had), made me […]

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May 15, By Helena

An honest and authentic reflection on 3 years in business…

My business is 3 years old this week, which is a pretty exciting milestone. Now, in Jewish tradition, Orthodox Jewish boys have their first haircut at the age of 3. If anyone is interested this is known as an “Upsherin” and is celebrated, as with any Jewish event, with copious eating of food and much […]

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