May 15, By Helena

An honest and authentic reflection on 3 years in business…

My business is 3 years old this week, which is a pretty exciting milestone. Now, in Jewish tradition, Orthodox Jewish boys have their first haircut at the age of 3. If anyone is interested this is known as an “Upsherin” and is celebrated, as with any Jewish event, with copious eating of food and much […]

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May 09, By Helena

A review of London’s networking scene

Before I start writing this blog I want to add in a tremendously important caveat in the form of an analogy. Now, I used to have a best friend who, for the sake of this article, we will call Petunia. Now, it wasn’t that I didn’t love her like a sister, it was that increasingly […]

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Apr 24, By Helena

How to be a freelance copywriter

I have absolutely been there. I have identified my talent (writing) and then decided that the only logical step is for me to become a copywriter. However, valuing my independence I wanted to be freelance – to have absolute autonomy over my time and be answerable only to myself. But, and it’s a pretty big […]

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Apr 16, By Helena

Dating & Selling: same, but different

If for no other reason that if I see or write another blog focused on GDPR I may lose my mind ever so slightly, I decided to do a slightly humorous blog this week; the sort of topic that I would normally limit to my own personal blog, which I keep under lock and key, […]

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Mar 26, By Helena

The total, unadulterated truth on freelance life – warts and all

Before you start reading this blog, I want to add a little caveat. I know just how lucky I am to be freelance. I have autonomy, independence and the freedom to go travelling around Thailand or Central America in my business’s low season. However, that being said, as soon as I utter the word, “freelancer” […]

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Feb 18, By Helena

It’s a man’s world, are we just living it?

Picture the scene. The year is 2010 and I am an overenthusiastic fresher, still identifying as a full-time nerd with ambitions of joining every academic club at Durham. A University I attended after I had been rejected from Oxford. Obviously. So there I was at the auditions (or whatever the technical term for this is) […]

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